Cable Lugs

Cable Lugs

Shreeraj Brass Industries is most trusted Copper & Aluminium Cable Lugs Manufacturers in Jamnagar India. Copper Cable Lugs Dimensions : –

There are no fix dimensions for Copper Cable Lugs. The words flexible describes it all, Same capacity flexible can be designed and manufactured in other size and shape. Copper Cable Lugs and Glands are available in both Flat and round form.

These can be made using copper ferrule as well as copper lugs depending upon customer requirements.

Material: Copper, Tinned Copper, Silver Plated Copper, Aluminium, PVC, Bi-metallic.
Cross Section: 1 sq. mm to 500 sq. mm
Type: Ring Type Lug, Fork Type Lug, Pin Type Lug, Specific Lug, Insulated Lug, Uninsulated Lug

Our professional manufacturing team always assures flawless production of products that are delivered only after continuous testing and close market research.